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Are you looking for make-up? Then you've come to the right place at Grimas! Because in our factory in Heemstede (The Netherlands) we produce make-up for professional and hobby in all shapes and sizes. So whether you're looking for face paint, beauty products, special effects make-up, theater make-up or make-up kits for a beauty school: you will find it here!

Create your own Grimas!
School sets

College Kits Quality make-up for professionals, students and make-up artists.

Grimas was founded in 1981 with the aim of offering safe and high-quality make-up products to professionals and enthusiastic hobbyists. Over the years, Grimas has developed a wide range of products that are used by make-up artists, theatres, (make-up) schools, make-up artists, face painters and make-up enthusiasts.

Grimas is an excellent partner for (make-up) schools looking for a reliable supplier of high-quality make-up products and offers valuable knowledge and support. We also believe it is important for the future generation of make-up artists to become acquainted with our beautiful and safe make-up products.
The Grimas brand
• A trusted brand founded in the Netherlands.
• Supplier of make-up sets to schools across Europe for over 30 years.

Set options
• Different sets for different courses? We have sets for theatre, fashion & beauty, special effects and face paint that can be combined and tailored to suit your individual needs.
• Sets can include make-up products, tools and Latex prosthetics.
• Free set for teacher possible.
Grimas products
• Produced in the Netherlands to the highest quality and safety standards.
• Products have never been tested on animals.

Why Choose us?
• Comprehensive website where product photos, 'how to' videos, instructions for use, safety information and ingredient lists can be found for each product.
• Student payments can be handled.
• Fast delivery from our make-up factory in Heemstede.
• Sample products available.
• Innovative and high-quality products that just work.

Support is available in the form of training, promotional materials & advice and fast delivery at favourable purchase prices.

We understand that each lesson series has specific goals and offer the opportunity to put together make-up sets that match these. In consultation with the school or teacher, we arrive at the optimal sets.

We have been supplying colleges in Europe for more than 30 years.

Orders can be placed collectively by the make-up school, but it is no problem to process individual student orders including payments.

The school sets are delivered from Heemstede (Netherlands) and before the (make-up) schools start. We realise that it is essential for students to get started on schedule.

Contact us today and discover how our products can make a difference in your education!

We are happy to deliver a free sample package to your College so you can try our products.

GRIMAS B.V. | Nijverheidsweg 35 A | 2102 LK HEEMSTEDE | The Netherlands | grimas@grimas.nl | Tel:(+31) 23 529 01 55
EYESHADOW/ROUGE = Eyeshadow/Rouge
Grimas Eyeshadow/Rouge is an intensely coloured, compressed powder for use as eyeshadow or rouge and which is also suitable for lightening and shadowing. In combination with Grimas Cleansing Lotion Eyeshadow/Rouge makes a perfect eyeliner when used. Eyeshadow/Rouge and Pearl Eyeshadow are very colour-intensive.
Product information
CRÈME MAKE-UP BRIGHT (PURE) = Crème Make-up Bright
Crème Make-up Bright (Pure) is used for face- and bodypainting, but it is also perfect to use for beauty as cream eye shadow or blusher! The waxes and oils allow Crème Make-up Bright (Pure) to be blended away easily. Can be applied both covering and transparent.
Product information
EYELASHES = Eyelashes
Grimas Eyelashes are used as an addition to or as a substitute for the natural eyelashes or to create a special effect. Eyelashes are available in a variety of lengths, shapes and materials, varying from hand-tied lashes of real hair to plastic eyelashes and combinations of both. A number of variants are available: base lashes, upper lashes and medium and large lash extensions.
Product information
CRÈME MAKE-UP PURE = Crème Make-up Pure
Basic make-up based on oils and waxes. Can be applied both covering and transparent. The waxes and oils allow Crème Make-up Pure to be blended away easily, making it excellent for highlights and shadows, both for beauty (shaping, modelling) and theatrical purposes (ageing, creating various characters, effects).
Product information
CAKE MAKE-UP = Cake Make-up
Basic make-up that is easy to apply with water. It is used for beauty (television, film and photography) and as the basis for water make-up. You apply Cake Make-up with a slightly damp make-up sponge. Cake Make-up gives a matt finish which does not need to be powdered off and stays in place well.
Product information
DERMA WAX = Derma Wax
Grimas Derma Wax is a transparent wax that adheres to the skin well, used for professional make-up effects such as creating various wounds and deformities on the skin. Its composition means that Derma Wax also adheres long lasting to soft and mobile parts of the skin, staying elastic.
Product information
BALD CAP = Baldcap
Grimas Bald Cap is a single-use, transparent, elastic plastic bald cap for use in film, TV and theatre.
Product information
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In the webshop you will find our extensive range of high-quality make-up, made in the Netherlands. The products in the webshop include photos, instructions for use, safety information and the ingredients. So you have all the information in one place to make an informed choice and order the perfect products for your look.
Examples >>
Don't know where to start or need some extra inspiration?
Then check out our step-by-step photo examples and instructional videos .
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Refer to the product information for content information by product group.
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