You powder the face off with Grimas Transparent Powder, Fixing Powder or Make-up Powder. Apply the powder on top of the make-up. You can do this with a Make-up Sponge or a Velour Powder Puff.
= Transparent Powder
FIXING POWDER = Fixing Powder
MAKE-UP POWDER = Make-up Powder
MAKE-UP SPONGE = Make-up Sponge
VELOUR POWDER PUFF = Velour Powder Puff
Allow to settle in and then remove any excess powder with a Powder Rouge Brush.

If you have worked with Cake Make-up and Eyeshadow/Rouge then there is no need to powder off.

By powdering off, you have fixed the make-up.
Hint: if someone has expressive dark eyelashes or is very young, you can make the eyelashes 'colourless' by applying a little Water Make-up (Pure) to them in a light skin colour.