Cut this piece cleanly diagonally.
You now have two pieces that you can make two eyebrows from. One you stick over the application and the other one over the natural eyebrow.
Work from the inside outwards.
Press the obliquely cut surface onto the adhesive and work the Wool Crepe eyebrows outwards. You use scissors to create the desired model for the eyebrows. If necessary, open the structure a little and model them using the end of a pin-tail comb or the back of a brush. Repeat the process of cutting and opening if necessary until the desired result has been achieved.
Next, you are going to lighten/shadow with Crème Make-up, all the while emphasising the crookedness of the face (frown lines, wrinkles on the forehead, lines around the eyes).

Important areas for shading are the eye sockets, the temples, the side of the nose and below the cheekbones. You draw the lines with a flat sable-hair brush. By placing it obliquely on the skin you get a sharp edge on one side and a fading effect on the other side. To determine which side should be sharp and which side faded, you start from the centre of the face (nose). Create a fading effect towards the outside.

The parts of the face that have not been shaded now seem to have been brought forward.