Mould deformations using Derma Wax on the skin.
Smooth the Derma Wax surface and edges off with the fingertip, using a little bit of Grimas Cleansing Cream.
DERMA WAX = Derma Wax

Apply the light colour Crème Make-up Pure on top and smear the make-up out over the Bald Cap. You can add some more shadow to create depth. To fix and mattify, you can powder the Crème Make-up Pure off with Grimas Fixing Powder or Make-up Powder. Fixing Powder can be applied with a Grimas Velour Powder Puff, a Powder Puff or a Powder Rouge Brush. Gently tap the puff or brush on the back of the hand and then apply plentifully on top of the make-up. Allow to settle in for a waterproof result and remove the excess powder with a Powder-Rouge Brush.

To create an 'open wound', the Derma Wax construction has to be 'cut open' with the sharp side of a Derma Wax spatula.

Lubricate the tip of the spatula with a little bit of Cleansing Cream. This will allow the spatula to slide more easily through the Derma Wax, preventing it from sticking to the spatula. Opening the wound edges up allows you to create a tattered effect. Raise the 'wound edges' using a Derma Wax spatula, lightly lubricated with Cleansing Cream. Do this carefully.

Colouring: to add a suggestion of depth to the wounds, you colour the bottom of the wound using black make-up. Then colour the inner side of the wound with dark red Crème Make-up Pure.


With Tooth Enamel you colour the teeth yellow first and then you create black edges, which gives an effect as if tooth pieces have broken off. Dry the teeth with a tissue. Shake the bottle well before use. Apply Tooth Enamel with the brush and allow to dry for a few seconds.
Do not use Tooth Enamel on dentures and teeth with fillings. A porous surface will make Tooth Enamel difficult to remove. Note: Tooth Enamel dissolves in alcohol.

Stick on plastic flies and spiders (available from joke shops) with Mastix Extra.

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