With Tooth Enamel you colour the teeth yellow first and then you create black edges, which gives an effect as if tooth pieces have broken off. Dry the teeth with a tissue. Shake the bottle well before use. Apply Tooth Enamel with the brush and allow to dry for a few seconds.
Do not use Tooth Enamel on dentures and teeth with fillings. A porous surface will make Tooth Enamel difficult to remove. Note: Tooth Enamel dissolves in alcohol.

Stick on plastic flies and spiders (available from joke shops) with Mastix Extra.

TOOTH ENAMEL = Tooth Enamel
MASTIX EXTRA = Mastix Extra
Finally, you add Grimas Blood, Film Blood or Blood Paste, depending on the desired effect.

You can apply it directly from the tube or with a brush.

There are different shades of Filmblood: from light red (oxygen-rich blood) to dark red (oxygen-poor blood). You can apply it directly from the bottle.

Blood Paste
When using Blood Paste, it is not necessary to colour the wound first. The stiff structure of the Blood Paste lets you produce three-dimensional effects. The structure remains malleable for quite a long time. Apply the Blood Paste with a clean Derma Wax Spatula. Close the packaging immediately after use.


Detach the adhesive edge with a cotton bud soaked in Grimas Mastix Remover. Scrape the Derma Wax off the skin with the spatula. Remove the adhesive and make-up residues with Mastix Remover.

Massage Grimas Multi Remover Pure or Cleansing Cream into the skin and remove with a tissue. Cleanse the skin afterwards with cleansing lotion.

You can remove the tooth enamel with a tissue soaked in an alcoholic liquid. Colour residues on or between the teeth can easily be removed with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

If Blood, Filmblood or Blood Paste got onto clothing, rinse it out under a tap. Leave the item of clothing to soak in water containing a pre-wash (Biotex). Then wash it by hand or put it in the washing machine.
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