Grimas Nose Wax is a malleable material that can be used for creating all sorts of deformations of the nose or chin during make-up. It is less suitable for sticking to mobile parts of the skin; use Grimas Derma Wax for that.

Nose Wax already has a skin colour but you can colour it perfectly using Grimas Crème Make-up Pure or Camouflage Make-up Pure.

NOSE WAX = Nose Wax
DERMA WAX = Derma Wax
CRÈME MAKE-UP PURE = Crème Make-up Pure
CAMOUFLAGE MAKE-UP PURE = Camouflage Make-up Pure
Apply Nose Wax on clean and grease-free skin onto which no cream has been applied. For additional adhesion to the skin, first clean it with Cleansing Lotion.

Use the convex rounded side of the Derma Wax Spatula to take the Nose Wax out of the jar. Form a ball with the fingers and press it firmly on the chosen spot.


Use smaller balls, applying them on top of each other or next to each other to gradually create the deformation. If you use too large a piece of Nose Wax, there is a chance of the deformity breaking off.

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