Before starting, you ensure your hands and nails are well cleaned. File your nails if necessary, so that there are no snags. By doing this you prevent damages on the face and risk of infection.

Always work using clean materials (sponges, brushes, spatulas, water bowls) and change the water regularly.

Get the subject to put on any clothes beforehand that have to be put on over the head. Protect your models clothing with a hairdressing cape or a towel.

Start by applying a Bald Cap according to the usual technique.
Short hair: shave away hair on the neck, if necessary, make sideburns shorter, and then comb the hair backwards tightly (moisten a little if necessary), and fixate with hairspray.

Note: do not use gel.

First degrease and clean the skin you are going to be working on with Grimas Cleansing Lotion. Then dry the skin with a tissue.