As soon as the result is transparent, you pull the tuft into a length of 20 to 25 cm again and you spray it with a hairspray with a strong hold to strengthen it. You can also use plastic spray. Note: using hairspray or plastic spray on the Wool Crepe will make it inflammable.

Hint: you can vary the thickness of the pieces slightly. You can use the thinnest tuft for the whiskers.

WOLCRÊPE = Wool Crepe
Snip the tufts gently diagonally across.
Now you have six pieces, which lets you make a complete beard.

You can create the beard beforehand on a ceramic head but you can also create it directly on the skin.

Work preferably work on a dry base.
Using Grimas Mastix Extra (or Mastix Watersoluble in a training course situation), you attach these obliquely cut pieces step by step.

Please note: place the cut surfaces on the skin in such a way that the points of the tufts, which have been gently snipped diagonally, point forward or downward, in the natural direction of growth of a beard.

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