Snip the piece gently across diagonally.
You now have two pieces for the whiskers (sideburns).

Work preferably work on a dry base. First degrease and clean the skin you are going to be working on with Grimas Cleansing Lotion. Using Grimas Mastix Extra (or Mastix Watersoluble in a training course situation), you attach these obliquely cut pieces step by step.
Absolutely do not use near or above the eyes.

Please note: place the cut surfaces on the skin in such a way that the points of the tufts, which have been gently snipped diagonally, point forward or downward, in the natural direction of growth of the sideburns. Work piece by piece.

Apply glue to the part of the skin concerned and press the cut surface/obliquely cut side into the adhesive.

Please note: during attachment, keep the cut surfaces tightly together to ensure full whiskers (sideburns), also after modelling.

Press the adhesive edge onto the skin with one hand, and model the Wool Crepe whiskers with the other hand, you can do this with the end of a pin-tail comb or the back of a brush.

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