If you are making your own beard, moustache, sideburns, eyebrows or similar from Wool Crepe for the theatre, then you can also do this in advance at home and stick the result on to a ceramic head using Mastix Extra. Spray the Wool Crepe hairpiece with a strong fixative plastic spray and cut it into style while on the head. Note: using hairspray or plastic spray on the Wool Crepe will make it inflammable.
When you are going to be using the Wool Crepe hairpiece, you soak it gently loose from the head with alcohol and place it in tissues in a sturdy box. Now it is ready to take away for use.
WOLCRÊPE = Wool Crepe
MASTIX EXTRA = Mastix Extra

Before starting, you ensure your hands and nails are well cleaned. File your nails if necessary, so that there are no snags. By doing this you prevent damages on the face and risk of infection.

Always work using clean materials (sponges, brushes, spatulas, water bowls) and change the water regularly.

Get the subject to put on any clothes beforehand that have to be put on over the head. Protect your models clothing with a hairdressing cape or a towel.

Grimas Wolcrêpe is used to create beards, moustaches and eyebrows or to camouflage the edges of a beard set. It is a series of pieces of sheep's wool (approximately 15 cm in length) braided together.

Hint: in the example the decision was made to stick on the Wool Crepe first and then to paint the face.
You can also paint the face first and then stick on the Wool Crepe. In the latter case, make sure the skin is free of grease first by applying Cleansing Lotion.


This character has a beard made of Wool Crepe.

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