If necessary, piece 2 can be made smaller by pulling off a piece from the cut surface. Attach this piece to the chin, in the opposite direction to that of piece 1.
Attach pieces 3 and 4 close up on the left and right sides of piece 2, on the jaw line with the points forwards.
Pieces 5 and 6 should be affixed up close to pieces 3 and 4, with the points downward.

Please note: during attachment, keep the cut surfaces tightly together to ensure full whiskers (sideburns), also after modelling.

Modelling a beard

Press the adhesive edge onto the skin with one hand, and model the Wool Crepe pieces together with the other hand. You do this with the end of a pin-tail comb or the back of a brush, until the beard appears as a single item.

Please note: do not comb!

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