Pull gently to the right length
Now make the piece that you are working with longer and looser: run it through your hands and pull it gently bit by bit in the lengthwise direction, but so that the piece still remains intact.
Making eyebrows

Pull the loosened piece into two in the middle, in the lengthwise direction along with the hairs; place the two pieces on top of each other and divide them into two again. Keep repeating this action until the Wool Crepe is transparent.

Use hairspray with a strong hold to strengthen the piece. You can also use plastic spray.
Note: using hairspray or plastic spray on the Wool Crepe will make it inflammable.
Roll it in one direction between the palms of your hands and keep spraying in the meantime to get more grip. Continue until the piece has been rolled tightly and has become more like a dreadlock in shape.
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