Make very thin long rolls from the Derma Wax and apply them to the drawn-on varicose veins using your fingers and press it slightly.
DERMA WAX = Derma Wax
Dust the Derma Wax off lightly using a Make-up Sponge and Grimas Transparent Powder.
To create an 'open wound', the Derma Wax construction has to be 'cut open' with the sharp side of a Derma Wax spatula.
Lubricate the tip of the spatula with a little bit of Cleansing Cream. This will allow the spatula to slide more easily through the Derma Wax, preventing it from sticking to the spatula. Make a horizontal cut in the Derma Wax structure.

To add a suggestion of depth to the 'wound', colour the bottom of the wound using black make-up. Then you colour the inner side of the wound with dark red make-up (Grimas Water Make-up Pure or Crème Make-up Pure).

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