If you apply a basis make-up using Foundation or Crème Make-up, work it out over the lips as well.
For older skin, Camouflage Make-up is applied over the edge of the lips to prevent the lipstick leaking into the vertical cracks around the mouth.
FOUNDATION = Foundation
CRÈME MAKE-UP PURE = Crème Make-up Pure
CAMOUFLAGE MAKE-UP PURE = Camouflage Make-up Pure
Draw with a pencil to draw the outline of the lips. Work from the outside inwards for the upper lip, and from the inside outwards for the lower lip.
With the pencil you can correct the contours and moreover the lipstick will not run quickly.

Hint: if the tip feels hard on the skin and won't draw properly, then warm the tip of the pencil in your hand or sharpen the tip again.

Shape tips:
You can make a large mouth look slightly smaller by not colouring the lips all the way to the edge, not choosing bright colours and not using any gloss.
With thin lips, you apply the lipstick right up to the edge of the lips and you choose a light colour.
Gloss makes the lips look fuller.
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