Gloss can be applied directly onto the lips or on top of Grimas Lipstick or Lip Pencil to give a glossy result.
Put a little Gloss on a clean plastic spatula and then apply the Gloss with a lip brush or the finger. You can mix the gloss with Grimas Lipstick (Pure) on the spatula.
For a special effect you can mix the clear Gloss with Pearl Eyeshadow on the spatula.
GLOSS (PURE) = Gloss
LIPSTICK (PURE) = Lipstick (Pure)
MAKE-UP PENCIL = Make-up Pencil
EYESHADOW/ROUGE PEARL = Eyeshadow/Rouge Glossy

Get the subject to tighten their mouth (smiling) to make it full. Draw thin dashes with the pencil and smear them inwards using a brush. Keep the mouth stretched while you apply the lipstick.

Take the Lipstick (Pure) onto a spatula (even if you are working from a stick) and apply it with a lip brush. First colour the middle of the lips and then colour the edges, working from the outside inwards.

Dab the result with a tissue to matt it off.
To make the lips 'kiss-proof', you powder the matt Lipstick (Pure) off copiously with Grimas Fixing Powder. You 'roll' this powder across the lips using a velour powder puff. Allow to settle in and remove the excess powder with a Powder-Rouge Brush.

For a fixating lipstick that has a glossy effect at the same time, you can apply Pearl Eye Shadow over the lipstick.