To model the face, you accentuate the deeper lying areas using Crème Make-up in a dark colour. You create shadows under the cheekbone, on the temples and beneath the chin. Smear out the brush strokes with a latex sponge. On the cheekbones you apply rouge with Crème Make-up. Work this out well and let it merge with the foundation base.
CRÈME MAKE-UP PURE = Crème Make-up Pure
CRÈME MAKE-UP PURE = Crème Make-up Pure

Fix the make-up with plenty of Fixing Powder. Fixing Powder is transparent and does not influence the colour. Fixing Powder can be applied with a Grimas Velour Powder Puff, a Powder Puff or a Powder Rouge Brush.

Gently tap the puff or brush on the back of the hand and then apply plentifully on top of the make-up.

Allow to settle in for a waterproof result and remove the excess powder with a Powder-Rouge Brush.

By playing with light and dark eye shadow colours you can give the eye an ideal shape. The general rule is: light brings things into prominence, dark makes them recede.

In principle, you apply a light-coloured eye shadow to the upper eyelid, a dark colour in the eye fold and a light colour to the eyebrow arch. Apply the light colour first using the applicator and touch up with a latex sponge.
Spread the eye shadow out on the back of your hand and then work from the hand to get the right amount.
Dark colours (for example in the fold of the upper eyelid) you apply with a brush.

Apply the mascara from where the eyelashes begin right to the ends of the upper and lower eyelashes with a rotating movement. If necessary, brush off with a clean, dry mascara brush afterwards to remove any lumps. Repeat applying the mascara until the desired result is achieved.

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