Smear it in by dabbing with a latex sponge.
The shape of the Latex Make-up Sponges makes them good for getting at difficult spots and perfect for all finer make-up work.
LATEX SPONGES = Latex Sponges
Powder off the camouflaged part lightly with Grimas Fixing Powder.
You take with a clean Powder Puff loose powder from the box, dab the excess powder off on the hand and then apply the powder to the make-up with a light, dabbing motion.

Allow 10 minutes for the skin to absorb the Fixing Powder, and then remove the excess powder with a Powder-Rouge Brush.

Hiding pimples:
First degrease and clean the skin you are going to be working on with Grimas Cleansing Lotion. Then wipe dry with a tissue.
Take the Camouflage Make-up Pure out with a clean spatula. To get the proper colour, you can mix it on the spatula, if necessary. Soften the make-up with Visagie Brush V4 and then apply it on top of the pimply area.
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