Store the make-up in a dry and cool place until the next time you use it.

The sponges are disposable so you can throw them away after use. If you do want to reuse them, first rinse them under the tap with some soap or shampoo or wash them in the washing machine (in a net bag or pillow case), set to at least 60°C. You can also wash the (Velour) Powder Puff in the washing machine.

You can clean brushes with water and soap or shampoo. Put the moist hairs of the brushes back into shape by hand after washing. Dry the brushes lying flat on a towel and do not place them upright, since that causes the moisture to run down into the shaft.


CLEANSING LOTION = Cleansing Lotion
UNDER MAKE-UP BASE = Under Make-up Base
ANTI SHINE PRIMER = Anti Shine Primer
CAMOUFLAGE MAKE-UP PURE = Camouflage Make-up Pure
PLASTIC SPATULA = Plastic Spatula
LATEX SPONGES = Latex Sponges
FIXING POWDER = Fixing Powder
POWDER PUFF = Powder Puff
MAKE-UP PENCIL = Make-up Pencil
LIPSTICK (PURE) = Lipstick (Pure)
EYESHADOW/ROUGE = Eyeshadow/Rouge
MASCARA = Mascara