You comb the eyebrow hair (for example with a clean, dry mascara roller or eyebrow comb) in a downward direction and fill in the upper edge. Use an MS2 or MS4 brush for this (with obliquely cut hairs)
Hint: you can also use a brush (for instance R4 or M4) of which you yourself have cut the hairs diagonally.

Work from the centre to the outer areas and do not begin right where it starts. Then you push the hairs upwards and fill in the eyebrow a little from the bottom.

Use the brush to apply a thin layer of Eyebrow Fixer to the eyebrows. Use the brush to fix the hairs in the right direction. You can repeat the process several times, each time only using a little of the product.

EYESHADOW/ROUGE = Eyeshadow/Rouge
EYEBROW FIXER = Eyebrow Fixer
Only now do you remove the excess Fixing Powder from the skin using a Powder-Rouge Brush.

Eyeshadow/Rouge and Pearl Eyeshadow are very colour-intensive. Take the required colour of eye shadow out using a brush or applicator. Spread the eye shadow out on the back of your hand and then work from the hand to get the right amount.

In principle, you apply a light colour to the upper eyelid, a dark colour in the eye fold and a very light colour to the eyebrow arch (highlight).
Apply the light colour first using the brush and touch up with a latex sponge. The dark colours (for instance, in the fold of the upper eyelid) you apply after this.