Next, you cover the entire face in Grimas Cake Make-up in a shade that is a fraction lighter than the natural skin colour.
Work the base out properly, up into the hairline, and do not forget the ears and neck. This is how you avoid a mask-like effect.
CAKE MAKE-UP = Cake Make-up
MAKE-UP SPONGE = Make-up Sponge
Take out the Cake Make-up with a slightly damp sponge.
Hint: If necessary you can press the sponge onto a tissue to remove excess moisture.
Take the make-up sponge between the fingertips and squeeze it together to create a round surface. With this surface the make-up can be applied.

Test the colour intensity on the hand. You apply the Cake Make-up evenly from top to bottom. Cake Make-up dries quickly, so a beautiful result means you have to work fast. Any stripes can be gently rubbed away with a soft tissue or cloth.

For an extremely matt effect the Cake Make-up is powdered off with Grimas Make-up Powder. Make-up Powder can be applied with a Grimas Velour Powder Puff, a Powder Puff or a Powder Rouge Brush. Gently tap the puff or brush on the back of the hand and then apply lightly on top of the make-up. Make-up Powder is light in colour but becomes transparent when it comes into contact with the make-up.

Allow to settle in and remove the excess powder with a Powder-Rouge Brush.

You touch up the eyebrow using Grimas Eyeshadow/Rouge in a suitable colour.
Use a brush to take out Eye Shadow/Rouge in the desired colour and determine the colour intensity on the hand before you apply the powder. You comb the eyebrow hair (for example with a clean, dry mascara roller or eyebrow comb) in a downward direction and fill in the upper edge. Use an MS2 or MS4 brush for this (with obliquely cut hairs)
Hint: you can also use a brush (for instance R4 or M4) of which you yourself have cut the hairs diagonally.
Work from the centre to the outer areas and do not begin right where it starts. Then you push the hairs upwards and fill in the eyebrow a little from the bottom. Brush up the eyebrows.

Use the brush to apply a thin layer of Eyebrow Fixer to the eyebrows. Use the brush to fix the hairs in the right direction. You can repeat the process several times, each time only using a little of the product.

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