Then you lighten the cheekbones and the outer parts of the naso-labial fold.
The eyebag is also lightened a little.

Between the higher parts of the brow some subtle shadowing is done to generate more depth.

The shading and lightening must blend into the basic colour in a natural way. If necessary, blur the segments and lines that are to be faded with the fingers or a dry make-up sponge. You do this with a dabbing action, without wiping.

After shading and lighting out you can apply fine red veins using a Stubble Sponge. Squeeze the Stipple Sponge, press it onto the make-up (dark red colour), test it on your hand and apply to the cheekbone, not too high or too low.

For concealing the edges of a Sinterklaas beard, we recommend: colour no. 2 (light blond) for a buffalo-hair or cream-coloured beard set and colour no. 1 (white) for a white (synthetic) beard set.
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