The shading and lightening must blend into the basic colour in a natural way. If necessary, blur the segments and lines that are to be faded with the fingers or a dry make-up sponge. You do this with a dabbing action, without wiping.

After shading and lighting out you can apply fine red veins using a Stubble Sponge. Squeeze the Stipple Sponge, press it onto the make-up (dark red colour), test it on your hand and apply to the cheekbone, not too high or too low.

STIPPEL SPONGE = Stipple sponge
For concealing the edges of a Sinterklaas beard, we recommend: colour no. 2 (light blond) for a buffalo-hair or cream-coloured beard set and colour no. 1 (white) for a white (synthetic) beard set.
To get a better contrast on the photos a dark-coloured Wool Crepe is used for this example.

Pulling Wool Crepe loose
Pull two braids of about 20 cm Wool Crepe loose from the strings around which they have been wound. If you feel resistance, you cut the strings loose so that you can continue.

Pull the start of the straight-edge cut pieces loose, so that their ends become fluffy.
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