Bend the finger and extend the finger section with Derma Wax. Smooth the edges flat so that grease and moisture can not get underneath.

DERMA WAX = Derma Wax
Smooth the Derma Wax surface and edges off with the fingertip, using a little bit of Grimas Cleansing Cream.

Dab all over with a dry, clean make-up sponge. Doing this, you remove the excess Cleansing Cream and you create a skin-texture effect.

If necessary, colour the stump with Grimas Crème Make-up Pure or Camouflage Make-up Pure.

Powder the whole with a make-up sponge with Grimas Transparent Powder to matt and fix it; then turn the sponge over and continue dabbing with the clean side until the excess powder has been removed.