Grimas Latex Prosthetics are used to achieve a three-dimensional effect when doing the make-up.

There is no step-by step sequence for this example. The technique is almost identical to the one from another sequence. See the following explanation.

LATEX PROSTHETICS = Latex prostetics

Set out ready for use:
Towel / cape
Cotton wool ball
Cotton buds
Cotton wool pads


Before starting, you ensure your hands and nails are well cleaned. File your nails if necessary, so that there are no snags. By doing this you prevent damages on the face and risk of infection.

Always work using clean materials (sponges, brushes, spatulas, water bowls) and change the water regularly.

Get the subject to put on any clothes beforehand that have to be put on over the head. Protect your models clothing with a hairdressing cape or a towel.

First degrease and clean the skin you are going to be working on with Grimas Cleansing Lotion. Then dry the skin with a tissue.
CLEANSING LOTION = Cleansing Lotion

Take the latex prostetic out of the box and place it on the skin to get an impression of whether the edges are a good fit and where it is soon going to be glued on.

Mark out the edge on the skin with a make-up pencil or some Transparent Powder

LATEX PROSTHETICS = Latex prostetics
= Transparent Powder
Put a piece of wadding in the nose to maintain its shape and to absorb perspiration.

Attaching latex onto the skin

Apply a little Grimas Mastix Extra to the inside of the scales/adhesive edge and allow it to dry for a few seconds.
Do the following to get the correct degree of adhesion: press the latex prostetic lightly in place and then remove it again straight away. Wait a few seconds and reposition the application, pressing the edges in place with a tissue.

Protect the eyes by closing them and covering them with a tissue. Can cause serious damage to the eyes.

MASTIX EXTRA = Mastix Extra

To get a smooth transition between the latex prostetic and the skin, even the edges off as follows: apply a thin line of eyelash adhesive to the edge of a sponge and dab this over the transition between the latex prostetic and the skin. Allow to dry with help of a hairdryer until the result is transparent. Repeat this process until a nice and even transition is obtained.

LATEX PROSTHETICS = Latex prostetics
The following applies to this specific example:
The eyes, including the black pupils, are drawn on the closed eyelids. Water Make-up works just like watercolour paint. Use the brush and a little water to soften the make-up and make it a bit pasty. Test the colour intensity on the hand. If you do not want the colours to mix, be sure to wait for the first layer to dry before applying another colour over it or up against it.
WATER MAKE-UP (PURE) = Water Make-up Pure

Removing a latex application: wipe a cotton bud soaked in Grimas Mastix Remover along the adhesive edge to loosen it. Remove the adhesive and make-up residues from the latex prostetic with Mastix Remover. Massage Grimas Multi Remover Pure or Cleansing Cream into the skin and remove with a tissue. Do not use Afschmink, as this contains waxes and oils which actually adhere the Water Make-up to the skin.
Cleanse the skin afterwards with Grimas Cleansing Lotion.

MASTIX REMOVER = Mastix Remover
MULTI REMOVER PURE = Multi Remover Pure
CLEANSING LOTION = Cleansing Lotion
If Water Make-up gets onto clothing, rinse it out under a tap. Leave the item of clothing to soak in water containing a pre-wash (Biotex). Then wash it by hand or put it in the washing machine.

Clean the latex prostetic afterwards using water and soap, and powder it with Grimas Transparent Powder after drying (with a dryer, if necessary). Keep in a dark place.

The sponges are disposable so you can throw them away after use. If you do want to reuse them, first rinse them under the tap with some soap or shampoo or wash them in the washing machine (in a net bag or pillow case), set to at least 60°C.

You can clean brushes with water and soap or shampoo. Put the moist hairs of the brushes back into shape by hand after washing. Dry the brushes lying flat on a towel and do not place them upright, since that causes the moisture to run down into the shaft.


CLEANSING LOTION = Cleansing Lotion

LATEX PROSTHETICS = Latex prostetics

MASTIX EXTRA = Mastix Extra

EYELASH ADHESIVE = Eyelash Adhesive

MAKE-UP SPONGES (DISPOSABLE) = Make-up Sponges (disposable)

WATER MAKE-UP (PURE) = Water Make-up Pure

BRUSHES OX-HAIR = Brushes Ox-Hair

BRUSHES RED SABLE-HAIR = Brushes Red Sable-Hair

MASTIX REMOVER = Mastix Remover

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