When working with Water Make-up preferably use separate brushes for light and dark colours. The more quickly you draw the line the straighter it will be, and the more pressure you apply on the brush, the thicker the line becomes.

Extend the corners of the mouth downwards for a mean effect.
Draw the eyebrows in with long strokes going upwards for a threatening effect.

WATER MAKE-UP (PURE) = Water Make-up Pure
General tip: Water Make-up can be used to add (additional) colour to the hair and eyebrows, provided that the hair is not permed, bleached or dyed. Use a toothbrush to do this.
If you do not want the colours to mix, be sure to wait for the first layer to dry before applying another colour over it or up against it.
Grimas Polyglitter can be applied directly on top of the Water Make-Up; apply a thin layer of Grimas Stoppelpasta (stubble paste) to the area involved to make sure they stick. Polyglitter can be applied directly onto the skin or on top of make-up using your fingers, a make-up sponge or a slightly moistened brush.