The shape, width and quality of the brush are to a great extent qualifying the effect you can achieve with it. For instance, round brushes are ideal for making curves and drawing curls. You draw straight lines preferably with a flat brush, keeping the handle of the brush pointed in the direction of the line. To draw a thin line, you do not necessarily need to use a narrow brush. You can also use the edge of a flat brush for that. This brush is also very convenient for making a thick line merge into a thin one, turning the brush on its side in one fluid action as you go automatically changes the line from thick to thinner.
For an even whiter result, apply (dab) a layer of Water Make-up Pure 001 with a make-up sponge over the base of Cake Make-up 001.
Create the figures under the eyes with Water Make-up Pure 101 and brush IMR2.
Place the dot (tear) under the eye with Water Make-up Pure 101 and brush IMR2.