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From the terms of delivery of Grimas B.V.
Liability of Grimas B.V. with regard to Grimas products

You are obliged to treat the Grimas products in accordance with the most recent product information provided by Grimas regarding how to do so.

Grimas guarantees the user that its products are safe and accepts liability for this.

With regard to advice about the nature and use of the goods delivered by Grimas, Grimas only accepts liability for the advice which it has issued in writing.

Grimas has insured the risk of this liability with a maximum payment of € 5,000,000 per event. The liability of Grimas for its written advice remains limited to the maximum amount which will be paid by this insurance policy.

The written advice issued by Grimas does not relieve the purchaser of the obligation to find out for himself or herself the suitability of the supplied goods for the intended use and the permissibility of that use in the country of the end user.

Without prejudice to the liability on the basis of mandatory legal conditions, Grimas is not liable for direct or indirect damage suffered by the purchaser and/or third parties which has occurred to or as a result of the delivered goods, other than damage for which Grimas is obliged to pay compensation based on these conditions.

All disputes which may arise between Grimas and its purchasers will only be adjudged by the authorized judge of the place where Grimas is located (Dutch law).

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