The dark colours (for instance, in the fold of the upper eyelid) you apply after this.

Hint: if the eyes are deep-set, you first add a light colour eye shadow. Then apply a dark colour to the eyebrow arch - not up to the eyebrow - to make it appear to recede.

You can make an eyeliner with Grimas Eyeshadow/Rouge and a little Cleansing Lotion.
Upper eyelash edge: pull the outer corner of the eye upwards a little, get the subject to close their eyes and use a brush to place the eyeliner against the upper eyelashes and apply it from the inner corner outwards. Do not start too close to the inner corner of the eye and stop at the outer corner of the eye. If necessary, fade with a dry brush.
If you want to draw the eyeliner line further, do this while the eyes are open and do not pull the skin. Let the line run a little upwards from a quarter of the way from the end.
Hint: if the eyes are close together, you add a hint of colour on the outer sides (working outwards from the outer corner of the eye).

Hint: eyes that are set far apart, you can make appear closer together by accentuating the inner corners of the eyes.