Apply the make-up on clean skin, after the usual daily care (day cream or Grimas Under Make-up Base).

UNDER MAKE-UP BASE = Under Make-up Base
Take the Camouflage Make-up out with a clean spatula. Rubbing it with your fingertip will make it softer and easier to handle. If desired, you can make the texture softer and affect the colour by blending the Camouflage make-up with Crème Make-up or Foundation, for instance.

Apply the camouflage using Visagie Brush V4 to the crease of the eye-pouch. The yellowish undertone of colour IV5 has a neutralising effect.

To detract attention from the bags under the eyes you can apply light make-up:
In this example we are working with Camouflage Make-up. Apply it with a slightly damp latex sponge or make-up sponge onto the skin.
You touch up the eyebrow using Grimas Eyeshadow/Rouge in a suitable colour.
Hint: use for older skin preferably eye shadow colours in pastel shades for older skin.
Hint: preferably avoid black mascara, as that colour contrasts too sharply with older skin. A brown colour creates a more natural effect.
To prevent Lipstick (Pure) from running into any creases around the mouth, you can apply a thin layer of Grimas Camouflage Make-up Pure to the lips beforehand.
Using rouge you can highlight the 'sunken' part of the skin a bit more.
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