If you want to apply Pieces of Eyelash to the entire eyelash, use a smaller size for the inner corner of the eye and the centre eyelashes and finish with larger pieces towards the outer edge to create an attractive natural effect.

Put some Grimas Eyelash Adhesive on a plastic spatula and take a Piece of Eyelash carefully from the box with fingers or tweezers. Dip the 'root' into the adhesive and place it on the eyelash edge. Work from the inner side outwards and do so quickly, because the adhesive dries quickly. After a few minutes, the white Eyelash Adhesive will automatically turn transparent.

EYELASHES = Eyelashes
EYELASH ADHESIVE = Eyelash Adhesive
Apply the mascara from where the eyelashes begin right to the ends of the upper and lower eyelashes with a rotating movement. If necessary, brush off with a clean, dry mascara brush afterwards to remove any lumps. Repeat applying the mascara and the brushing afterwards until you have achieved the desired result.

If required, you can apply mascara for a second or third time by brushing along the eyelashes using the brush in the direction of the outer corner of the eye. This makes the eyes appear more almond-shaped.

Apply a strikingly-coloured Lipstick.

Take the Lipstick (Pure) onto a spatula (even if you are working from a stick) and apply it with a lip brush. First colour the middle of the lips and then colour the edges, working from the outside inwards. Dab the result with a tissue to matt it off.

To make the lips 'kiss-proof', you powder the matt Lipstick (Pure) off copiously with Grimas Fixing Powder. You 'roll' this powder across the lips with a velour powder puff and you remove any excess powder with a Powder-Rouge Brush.

Hint: to make the lips appear shiny you can also apply Gloss on top of the Lipstick. The lips are in that case not 'kiss-proof'.

Use a bit more rouge than for a normal make-up.

Use the Powder-Rouge Brush to take out Grimas Eyeshadow/Rouge in the desired colour. Put the powder brush vertically and tap with the hand to disperse the powder in the hairs so the powder does not just end up on the tips of the hairs. Smooth the colour out with the flat side of the brush, so do not dab it on.