Take the Eyelash carefully out of the box. Using the adhesive edge that holds it in the box, you can attach the Eyelash to the upper eyelash edge using tweezers or the fingers. Work from the inside outwards, starting slightly inside the inner corner of the eye. Remove the Eyelash again.

EYELASHES = Eyelashes
Any excess length you can cut off at the outer end.
If there is any doubt, it is better to make the Eyelashes 1 mm too short!
Put some Grimas Eyelash Adhesive on a plastic spatula and then apply a small amount of adhesive along the eyelash edge with the point of a spatula or the back of a brush. Take care to use a little extra adhesive for the innermost and outermost ends.
Apply the Eyelash from the inner side outwards using tweezers. Press carefully on with a cotton bud. Work rapidly, as the adhesive dries quickly.
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