You apply Cake Make-up with a slightly damp make-up sponge. If you work with too much moisture, streaks will form. You can press the make-up sponge down onto a tissue to remove any excess moisture.

Take the make-up sponge between the fingertips and squeeze it together to create a round surface. With this surface the make-up can be applied.

CAKE MAKE-UP = Cake Make-up
MAKE-UP SPONGE = Make-up Sponge
Cake Make-up dries quickly, so you need to work quickly to achieve a nice result. If the result is not even, turn the sponge that you worked with over and use the clean side to even out the make-up. Any stripes after drying can be gently rubbed away with a soft tissue or cloth.
On top of the hands and on the sides of the fingers you apply the used base tint very lightly. Use Cake Make-up for this purpose, because this stains less. You shadow with a dark colour Eyeshadow/Rouge (for example 566) the sides of the fingers; stay away from the knuckles. Continue shadowing in the direction of the wrist. Lighten the top of the fingers and the knuckles with a light colour Eyeshadow/Rouge (for example 001). Continue lightening between the dark lines in the direction of the wrist. The shading and lightening must blend into the basic colour in a natural way.
For an extra effect you can give the eyes a darkish red line along the bottom of the eyelashes.