Fix them on top of the natural eyebrows. Apply the adhesive over the own eyebrows. Work from the inside outwards. Press the obliquely cut surface onto the adhesive and work the Wool Crepe eyebrows outwards.

Protect the eyes by closing them and covering them with a tissue. Can cause serious damage to the eyes.

WOLCRÊPE = Wool Crepe
Modelling eyebrows

You use scissors to create the desired model for the eyebrows. If necessary, open the structure a little and model them using the end of a pin-tail comb or the back of a brush. Repeat the process of cutting and opening if necessary until the desired result has been achieved.


If you have worked with Grimas Mastix Watersoluble, you can remove the Wool Crepe with lukewarm water and a little soap if necessary. Wool Crepe that has been stuck on with Mastix Extra you remove with Mastix Remover. You can then already pull some of the hairs loose and remove them with a tissue. The remaining hairs and the adhesive you remove with a cotton wool pad and Mastix Remover. Dab it carefully onto the own eyebrows and roll the residual material off the eyebrows and the skin. You can cleanse the skin with water and soap (shampoo can also be used). Cleanse afterwards with Cleansing Lotion.


CLEANSING LOTION = Cleansing Lotion
MASTIX EXTRA = Mastix Extra
MASTIX REMOVER = Mastix Remover
WOLCRÊPE = Wool Crepe
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