Take the Lipstick (Pure) onto a spatula (even if you are working from a stick) and apply it with a lip brush. First colour the middle of the lips and then colour the edges, working from the outside inwards. Dab the result with a tissue to matt it off. Then apply Grimas Fixing Powder.
LIPSTICK (PURE) = Lipstick (Pure)
FIXING POWDER = Fixing Powder
You 'roll' this powder across the lips with a velour powder puff and you remove any excess powder with a Powder-Rouge Brush.

Do not apply rouge to the cheekbones.
Do model the face to create depth. Work on a dry base, so on skin that has been powdered off. To model (shape) the face and emphasise the bone structure, use Grimas Compact Powder (no. 9).
You should make everything you want not to be noticed (obscured) darker than the basic surroundings. You create shadows under the cheekbone, on the temples and beneath the chin.


You can remove the make-up with Grimas Cleansing Cream or Cleansing Milk. Cleanse the skin afterwards with cleansing lotion.

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