Take the Camouflage Make-up out with a clean spatula and soften it with your finger tip. You can mix the camouflage on the spatula with Under Make-up Base or Foundation. Apply the camouflage using Visagie Brush V4 to the crease of the eye-pouch. The yellowish undertone of colour IV5 has a neutralising effect.
CAMOUFLAGE MAKE-UP PURE = Camouflage Make-up Pure
UNDER MAKE-UP BASE = Under Make-up Base
FOUNDATION = Foundation
BRUSHES VISAGIE = Brushes Visagie
Base: To determine the proper colour, you can test it on the neck. Take the Camouflage Make-up Pure out with a clean spatula and work from the spatula, or directly from the stick.
Apply it with a slightly damp latex sponge or make-up sponge onto the skin. Work the base out properly, up into the hairline, and do not forget the ears and neck. This is how you avoid a mask-like effect.

Fix the make-up with plenty of Fixing Powder. Fixing Powder is transparent and does not influence the colour. Fixing Powder can be applied with a Grimas Velour Powder Puff, a Powder Puff or a Powder Rouge Brush. Gently tap the puff or brush on the back of the hand and then apply plentifully on top of the make-up.

Allow to settle in to get a waterproof result.