When you start cutting the Bald Cap to size, it must be stretched tight. To make sure that the Bald Cap does not tear because of the tension and the cutting, use acetone to melt a hole in the Bald Cap at the point that you are cutting towards.

You should proceed as follows:
Pull the Bald Cap down at an angle to tense it. Dip a cotton bud in acetone (don't work too wet) and melt a small hole in the Bald Cap at precisely the right place: 2 mm below the point where the top of the pinna (the 'shell' of the ear) leaves the head.

Hint: if necessary, you can melt multiple holes along the line for easy cutting.

BALD CAP = Baldcap
Then cut carefully up from the bottom edge vertically to the hole. Now do the other side.

Get the ears out from underneath the Bald Cap.

Cut the shape of the Bald Cap in the same way alongside the sideburns and make sure there is enough space to attach it. You can always make changes to the edge later using acetone.
Second attachment stage

Get the model that will wear the Bald Cap to sit up straight. Now make a glued edge of approximately 2 cm along the sideburns. Let this adhesive edge fit up exactly against the glued edge on the forehead. There must not be a gap between them.
Use the same principle: fold back, apply adhesive, reposition the side edge, press gently and fold back again. Allow to dry for about 15 seconds and then apply along the sideburns again.

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