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The new EU Cosmetics Decree requires that the lists of ingredients of all products, including the materials used, must be reported to the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP). This is the central European database for cosmetics. The European CPNP distributes this information to the poison centres in all European countries.
General practitioners, dermatologists and allergologists can search for the product name and supplier via the poison centre to find all the ingredients used.

Grimas' lists of ingredients, accessible to everyone
All Grimas' lists of ingredients on the website include the maximum percentages used.
Dermatologists, general practitioners and users can view the ingredients used at any time, even for the specific batch.

You can find the list of ingredients for products made by Grimas via 'Product information' on the homepage.
Click the image of the product in question.
Then go to 'Colours, Sizes, Ingredients'. Here you can find the basic ingredients list, which colorants are used for each colour and the ingredients list for each colour and batch.

Summary of ingredients in a list of ingredients.
In Europe, all ingredients used in cosmetics use the same names. Ingredients are indicated by their INCI names.
INCI is the abbreviation for the International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients. This international naming convention ensures clarity.

The ingredients that are present in the product in the greatest proportions are listed first. Ingredients that are present in the product to less than 1%, are listed in random order at the end of the list.
Then the pigments and colorants are addressed, even if they are used in large quantities.

Grimas lists all colorants
Grimas states exactly which colorant has been used in each product. This applies to both the list of ingredients on the website and the label. Grimas does not use collective labels, so that the end user knows exactly which colorant has been used in a product. This is important information for users who are allergic to a certain colorant, for example.

Pigments and colorants have a CI code. CI is the abbreviation for 'Colour index'.