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Grimas Capsules are empty capsules that can be filled with Grimas Blood or Grimas Filmblood for a variety of special effects for film, television and theatre. Grimas Capsules are capsules of vegetable origin.
Capsules are provided in boxes of 10.


10 pieces

Packaging:Colour: grey
Content: 10 pieces
Appearance:Transparent capsule.
Ingredients: (of vegetable origin)
Toxicology:Assessed against the Cosmetics Regulation (1223/2009/EC).
Improper use:Assessed according to the standard of consuming regularly the content of the largest package size ( 10 pieces ) .
No toxicological effect.
Bacteriology:Does not apply.
Dermatology:Does not apply.
Use on children:Not suitable for children.
Around the eyes:Does not apply.
On the mucous membranes:May be used on the mucous membranes.
Make-up in the eyes:Does not apply.
Durability:See label with symbols:
= date of minimum durability
Storage:Store in a dry, dark place.