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Mastix Watersoluble

Grimas Watersoluble Mastix is a skin glue that can be removed with water.

Watersoluble Mastix is used for gluing Wool Crepe beards and moustaches for children whereby it should absolutely not be used near or above the eyes. Water-soluble Mastix is available in a 10 ml bottle and a 100 ml flask, each of which comes with an applicator brush.

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10 ml

100 ml

Packaging:Colour: transparent (cap with brush)
Content: 10 ml
Colour: white (cap with brush)
Content: 100 ml
Appearance:Clear syrupy liquid.
Ingredients:See label and composition.
Toxicology:Assessed against the Cosmetics Regulation (1223/2009/EC).
Contains Ethanol, known to be toxic and harmful to the unborn baby.
Improper use:Use on a limited area of the skin.
Keep out of reach of children.
Bacteriology:Contains less than 50 CFUs/g of bacteria, yeasts and moulds. Pathogens: not present.
Work hygienically.
Dermatology:Frequent removal may dehydrate the skin.
Take care of the skin after use.
Use on children:Can be used for children. Absolutely do not use near or above the eyes.
Around the eyes:Do not use near the eyes.
On the mucous membranes:Do not use on the mucous membranes.
Make-up in the eyes:Can cause serious damage to the eyes. Rinse at length with water, remove contact lenses and consult an ophthalmologist.
Durability:See label with symbols:
= period-after-opening
= date of minimum durability
Storage:Close packaging properly. Store in a dry, dark place.
Ethanol is a fire hazard. Do not use near open flame.
Dermatological declaration

In the dermatological declaration one can read the following:
The products have been dermatologically tested for 24, 48 and 72 hours on 30 persons with healthy skin. No irritation occurred.

Safety declaration

Has been evaluated at:
The toxicity profile of the ingredients used, taking account of any contaminants present.
Interactions between the various raw materials.
Quantities of weight and volume the consumer is exposed to.
Foreseeable improper use by the consumer-group.

Absolutely do not use on children near or above the eyes.

With aid of the applicator brush you spread Water-soluble Mastix over the skin area where something is to be glued on.
Water-soluble Mastix can lose adhesion due to perspiration.
If you want stronger adhesion, use Grimas Mastix Extra.

Do not use near the eyes.

Removal Water-soluble Mastix can be removed simply with lukewarm water.