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An allergy is an overreaction of the body to a specific substance. People can for instance be allergic to nutrients (lactose), substances in the air (pollen) or cosmetics ingredients (perfume). An allergy can also build up gradually until the immune system develops hypersensitivity to particular compounds. Once someone has started getting an allergic reaction to a compound, that response will recur with every new contact.

The number of people who have allergic reactions to cosmetics is very small. However, no cosmetics manufacturer can guarantee that its products will cause no allergic reactions at all. After all, an allergic reaction is an individual response. People can for instance be allergic to strawberries, nuts, lactose, pollen or antibiotics. This does not mean that these compounds are harmful in general.

Stress may also play a part. Stress affects the resistance and makes someone more susceptible to an allergic reaction.

Skin damage and allergic reactions
An allergic reaction can cause eczema. The symptoms may vary from redness to inflammation of the skin.

If the skin is already irritated, it is particularly susceptible to allergic contact eczema. This irritation can be caused by removing make-up or skin adhesive carelessly or incorrectly. In particular when this happens for a number of days in a row, it will make the skin increasingly damaged and irritated. If someone is moreover also sensitive to a specific substance, this will give an allergic response more quickly.

All Grimas products are unperfumed. Lipstick (Pure) and Gloss do contain a flavouring (fruit essence mix). Because flavour essences were also covered in European law by the term 'perfume', Grimas was obliged to declare the flavour essence as a scent, while strictly speaking they are not perfume compounds.

European law now distinguishes between fragrances and flavourings, which is why the flavour essences have been called 'aromas' since January 2015 and are indicated as such on the packaging.

Allergy and information
Every Grimas product has its own label. The label states the ingredients used for that specific product. This also applies to the pigments and colorants. Grimas does not use collective labels. Combining the information on the label with the knowledge about the substances that someone is allergic to makes clear immediately whether the product can be used on them.

If there are allergic reactions and you do not know which compound caused them, they can find this out using the product-specific label.

The Grimas website provides additional information about the ingredients used.

All Grimas products are gluten-free and do not come into contact with gluten during production.