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All Grimas products are produced according to the guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).
The GMP guidelines apply to all aspects of the production process, including quality assurance, production and hygiene.

Controlled production process
Grimas manufactures under strict hygiene conditions in order to ensure bacteriologically safe products.

Microbiological safety
The composition of make-up that is used with water ensures that micro-organisms cannot grow in it. To check this, samples are taken from each batch and sent to a laboratory. This batch test checks whether the product is microbiologically safe. The product must also not contain pathogenic bacteria.

Long-term safety of the products
To guarantee that its products that are used with water are safe to use in the long run, Grimas has a challenge test performed before the product is put on the market. In this test, pathogenic bacteria and moulds are added deliberately to see if they are eliminated. This test makes it possible to check whether the bacteriological safety of the product is guaranteed in the longer term. The product is only put on the market after it has passed this test.

Water Make-up Pure
The combination of compounds used in Grimas Water Make-up Pure ensures that the Water Make-up has a preservative effect in its own right. Grimas Water Make-up therefore remains a bacteriologically safe product, despite the fact that water is added to it, even under less hygienic circumstances such as when used by toddler groups, at schools and at holiday camps.

Pure means that the product in question does not contain any chemical preservatives (such as parabens) or halogenated organic compounds.

Proper use of preservatives at concentrations that are neither too high nor too low is also essential for safe make-up.

A preservative is a compound that protects against decay. Grimas uses preservatives that are specially suited to the composition of the product in question and the way it is used. The use of preservatives is carefully balanced, aiming to create the broadest effect possible while using as little as possible.