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Cosmetics manufacturers in Europe must comply with strict legal requirements imposed on the quality of raw materials.
Grimas uses legally permitted and REACH-registered raw materials for its cosmetics.

Grimas chooses pure
Grimas only uses pure variants of all raw materials and colorants. This is important to us because our products are used intensively by professionals and by and for children. Children may be more sensitive to some substances than adults because of their lesser body volume. Raw materials for cosmetics as easy to tolerate as possible and must not allow sensitivity to accumulate.

Positive lists
Positive lists contain substances that may be used in cosmetics. Sometimes there are restrictions, however. For example, certain colorants may not be used close to the eyes or near the mucous membranes.

Grimas has chosen only to work with colorants from the positive list that may also be applied near the mucous membranes and close to the eyes.