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Brushes Artificial-hair Powder Rouge

Grimas Artificial-hair Powder Rouge Brushes are an excellent alternative to brushes made of natural hair. They are used for applying powder and blusher ('rouge') in cosmetics and theatre. There are various sizes; the smaller sizes (PK4, PK6 and PK8) are particularly good for highlighting and shadowing with Eyeshadow/Rouge and the larger size (PK10) is recommended for larger areas using pressed and loose powders.

Take the powder up with the brush and knock off any excess powder onto your hand before applying the powder to the face.

Artificial-hair Powder Rouge Brushes can be cleaned with shampoo or soap and water. Then knock/shake the water off and lay horizontally on a tea-towel to dry. Do not leave the brush upright, because the water will then be absorbed into the shaft.