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For shop owners, teachers, visagists, make-up artists and face painters.

The Dutch and English texts have been authorized by Grimas B.V.

You are obliged to handle Grimas products in accordance with the most recent product information provided by Grimas stating how to do so.

Grimas gives user the guarantee that its products are safe and accepts its liability for this.

Grimas only accepts liability for advice about the nature and use of the goods delivered by Grimas where it issued such advice in writing.
Written advice issued by Grimas does not absolve purchasers of the obligation to find out for themselves whether the goods supplied are suitable for the intended use and that such use is permissible in the end user's country.

Grimas is insured against this liability risk up to a maximum payment of € €5,000,000 per event. The liability of Grimas for its written advice remains limited to the maximum amount paid out by this insurance policy.